Rock Harbor Funding

Commercial Capital Advisors

About our firm

Rock Harbor Capital Management's principals and executive officers have over 50 years of experience in the Commercial Lending and Financial Services industry. The company was founded on the basis of providing innovative lending solutions, structured and transparent product offerings, exceptional service, and a direct lending platform.  It is the mission of Rock Harbor Capital, along with our affiliates to provide funding solutions that are defined and concise parameters you can rely upon for your commercial financing needs.  Our clients enjoy a lending platform that is customized to fit the borrower's needs and tailored to your specific goals and objectives.

Rock Harbor Capital provides commercial real estate financing for borrowers, investors, and mortgage brokers nationwide. The company has secured institutional lending relationships nationwide, so our clients get the best capital sources for each commercial loan request. Through our e-processing, each loan application will be summarized, then organized for a formal underwriting submission designed for fast loan pre-approval. We also offer Investor Solutions for Capital Growth and Preservation.